Monthly Archives: August 2006

Joke justice

As every year, Spain is affected by lots of forest fires this summer. I have no figures for each year, but “lots” is the proper word to use, even if all we had to suffer were a couple of small fires. One single forest fire is one too many. What’s truly infuriating is that most of these “wild” fires are not wild at all, but are all intentionally provoked with the goal of burning down a complete forest or vegetation area.

Even though year after year some measures have been taken to discourage deliberate burning of vegetation (such as curbing the re-assignment of land usage for burned down areas), year after year one important detail is left forgotten: The sentences that those who plan and execute the scorching. Just as so many other aspects of law & justice in Spain, the sentences these individuals receive are a joke. The only sensible sentence for these people is capital punishment. My limited knowledge of Spanish criminal law is just enough to know that the objective of a sentence is not to eliminate people, but rather to allow them to “rethink” about their crimes. The scum who plan and carry out their tree-burning activities should go in the fires they so much enjoy. May them “rethink” while they burn; that’s all time they deserve to be allowed to “rethink“.