Short-sighted opposition to change

Since some time ago it is already clear that a company in a particular location is subject to the world-wide business and work environment conditions. It is not longer possible to take into consideration exclusively the near-by environment (a region or country) to function according to it.

Nowadays companies almost everywhere work in a global market which offers commercial and production opportunities, but which imposes also global competition.

Although this is nothing new, there are several structures in our societies which seem to overlook such fact, and continue to work as if such global competition did not exist.

In Spain in particular, there is strong resistance to admit changes in state and company provided social benefits for their citizens and employees respectively. Such benefits have progressively increased in quality and quantity in the last few years, driving the hiring and production costs higher as well in Spain. In parallel to these improvements, new previously inexistent competitiveness has emerged in developing countries. While production costs rise in Spain, new production capacity with lower costs crops up elsewhere in the world.

Therefore, we are in a new situation with a costly social benefit system which limits Spain’s competitiveness before new producing countries. Jobs cuts in Spain due to this very fact have already taken place in several occasions.

Work unions must, as the rest of participants in the global economy, recognize the fact that the environment in which companies operate has changed. Such changes affect all levels in the company, including workers and the hiring benefits.

When a gear begins rotating in the global economy machinery, the rest must do likewise, either by moving along, or readjusting within the machinery. A gear which doesn’t move, tied down by forces external to the machinery will break in the end.

It is thus necessary in Spain an evolution in the views of people and work unions to face global changes in the only effective manner: by taking part in them, rather than opposing them while maintaining working conditions which can only lead to a rupture with the rest of the world.


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