Monthly Archives: July 2007

UPN's Mistaken strategy

Here’s a brief follow-up to the article published here on 2007-03-25. Election results confirmed that UPN failed to secure a sufficient number of votes to earn the government of the autonomous region of Navarra (despite their being the most voted option). Their strategy of scaring people with the message that Navarra had to be “defended” did not work as planned. Wrong strategy, as I predicted in that article. People are not concerned with whether the land they live on is called Navarra or something else. UPN (Union of the people of Navarra) should have tackled the “negotiation” on Navarra rather from the point of view of personal liberties and how these would be impacted should Navarra become (lawfully) of a Basque Country ruled much like the current Basque Country is ruled.

The same point of view must be used to applaud that the Socialist Party of Navarra (PSN) has decided not to join forces with Nafarroa Bai (a party in favor of rounding up Navarra into the Basque Country), whatever their reasons not to do so. Thanks to that decision, the PSN has avoided the local government of Navarra being occupied by Nafarroa Bai, who would have brought the terrorists of ETA (using their “ANV” brand name) into government, leading to individual liberties being liquidated in Navarra.

What a pity that the Socialist party in the Spanish government was not equally opposed to having ANV (ETA) present in local and regional governments, and has allowed ANV (ETA) to actually be in power in several city halls.