Fake "road accidents"

Spanish media pays special attention constantly to so called road “accidents”. Talk shows and debates on radio and TV discuss the causes for the high number of fatalities on Spanish roads, while Road Traffic Authorities (the Spanish DGT) puts out information campaigns aimed at reducing the number of such “accidents”.

It is frustrating to see how most people on debates and drivers associations blame authorities for the problem, arguing poor signalling, bad roads or other excuses.

The real problem is calling things by the wrong name: what they call “accidents” are no accidents. An accident is something that occurs by chance.
Car crashes rarely happen by chance: they are merely the responsibility of the people driving them. The overwhelming majority of drivers are responsible, but not all are. It’s a lie that road deaths are caused by accidents. Those deaths have direct responsibles are can be easily identified. Yet, everywhere you can hear talk about “accidents”.

There’s only a small percentage of people who do not like to be accountable for their actions. They take no care to observe the driving rules that matter the most: when traffic is dense, you should keep a safety distance; when changing directions or lanes, use the turn signal; when foggy or rainy, slow down; if tired, one mustn’t drive; if drunk, don’t drive. However small percentage of drivers they may be, they endanger everyone else on the road.

By strictly following driving rules, most (almost all) car crashes would be avoided. Yet most (if not all) car crashes are due to someone who drove too fast, too tired, drunk or who didn’t comply with driving rules.

Given that accidents do not exist, all deaths on the road are homicides or even killings. The driver who performed the risky manoeuvre, the reckless driving or the illegal action should be treated as a murderer and tried as such.

Road “accidents” per se are only those caused by acts of nature that couldn’t be predicted (say a sudden storm, an earthquake, a sudden drop in temperature). In just about any other case, humans are involved, and therefore the road “accident” is directly related to a driver’s responsibility behind the driving wheel.


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