Plagiarism or forecast?

In Spain, the ruling party (socialist PSOE), presented yesterday a new publicity campaign with its leader (José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero) as the centre of attention: “Con Z de Zapatero”, (“With a Z as in Zapatero”). It has a strong resemblance to “Z comme Zorglub”, the title of one of the great Spirou comics, from 1960. For those who do not know Spirou, Zorglub was one of the bad guys in the stories.

Therefore, is “With a Z as in Zapatero” a forecast that Zapatero will be the Zorglub (the villain) of our time?

Maybe not, and maybe it is just plagiarism of a comic on the part of the PSOE.

Whether forecast or plagiarism, the new publicity campaign by the PSOE is also a message of praise of a person, not of ideas. Pure banana-republic style. Moreover, it is a friendly and cool message, putting aside any political content that should be compromising and committed. In other words, it is the trivialization of the function of Prime Minister.

I for one do not want the Prime Minister to be my buddy or to smile at me: I want him/her to do the job, which this Spain-ruling Zorglub is not doing.


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