The Truth About CO2

Rarely can one find mainstream media publishing data and information about the so called climate change when such data downplays the role of CO2, or contradicts the official discourse about its origins and its effects on climate.

My theory is that there are enough vested interests which need governments to promote the belief that human activity produces changes on Earth’s global climate.

However, there are other sources of information more robust and reliable, which often dismantle many of the catastrophic news broadcast by newspapers, television, cinema and radio, and throws much light on the stale topic. One example is the excellent spanish-language blog “co2” by Anton Uriarte (it is also linked from this page’s ‘blogroll’). For non-spanish speakers, another great resource for global climate information is Roy W. Spencer’s webpage.

One of his recent articles highlighting some data from the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that minimize the effect of CO2 on global climate.

Please continue reading Lo que calienta el CO2.


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