More proof of the crappy Spanish justice system

As the city mayor in a Spanish city once very correctly said, justice in Spain is a joke. A genuine joke. They prove it every once in a while, both on the part of the criminal law, designed to care for and protect criminals rather than protecting society, and on the part of judges pronouncing sentences.

Today, the joke is demonstrated by the fine imposed on judge Rafael Tirado, who failed execute the imprisonment sentence of a known pedophile.

On this occasion, the joke is four-fold:

  1. The investigation on that judge (and about the mistakes that kept the criminal free) has only been done as a result of a death caused by the criminal while he was irregularly free. Had he not committed any other crimes, most likely the judge would not have been investigated for his failure to imprison the pedophile.
  2. The fine is imposed only on the judge, leaving the rest of the judicial system free of suspicion, despite it being responsible for the disastrous judicial system in Spain (loads of cases piling up, unexecuted sentences, etc…)
  3. The fine amounts to a meager 1500 € (some US$1000), a ridiculously low sum, compared to the damage done to society for not executing the imposed sentence.
  4. Justice takes care of itself: they self-impose a little skimpy fine, they pretend to be self-critical, and they seem to hope to resolve the issue just like that.

In one word: a joke. That’s Spain for you.


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