ETA again; rule of law paralysed

Criminal band ETA has killed again one person this weekend, injured several others, and caused major destruction with three car bombs. ETA saw their political brands, ANV (EAE) and PCTV (EHAK), declared illegal just a few days ago, and the obvious reaction of these assassins is to cause death and destruction.

In the mean time, and in light of such clear willingness of ETA to stop killing, the Spanish Government of Rodríguez Zapatero continues to keep in force a parliamentary resolution, initiated by himself a few years ago, that allows the Government to talk and negotiate with ETA, should they demonstrate their willingness to lay their weapons down.

Far from seeing any remorse from ETA, what we see is a Government unwilling to take further action to strangle the power of ETA. Current laws and penal code are insufficient. Despite illegalising ANV and PCTV, town councils governed by those ETA branches will continue to be ruled by ETA, because the law does not force the removal of members of illegal political parties from public office. For this reason, supporters of ETA assassins will continue to rule countless town councils in Spain.

The force of evil here is ETA and all its advocates, but the inactivity of Government makes it very hard to believe that it is on the side of good.


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