US Presidential Debate in Madrid

Yesterday’s presidential debate between McCain and Obama was screened today at Casa de América in Madrid. Following the screening, another debate took place between representatives in Spain of the Republican party, Mr. James Levy and Mr. Edward Ruf, and Democrats Abroad Spain president Alana Moceri and vice president Gil Carbajal. It was moderated by Spanish TV anchor Lorenzo Milá.

The screening and debate was organized by Democrats Abroad Spain, and it showed, because when it came to the Q&A session, the occasion turned into a republican bashing event. There were few questions but lots of comments calling McCain a warmonger, or disqualifying him as president because of his past and his family’s possessions. We saw no real questions, and no discussion about political agendas. The Q&A session was simply superfluous.

On the other hand, the analysis and debate that followed the screening was slightly more stimulating. Republicans Mr. Levy and Mr. Ruf answered questions from the moderator without a single attack at the Democratic candidate. They properly presented their arguments and those defended by John McCain. Sadly, Democrats Ms. Moceri and Mr. Carbajal resorted on several occasions to attacking the Republican candidate and provided no additional arguments to support Barack Obama‘s campaign other than the same arguments he presented himself during yesterday’s debate in Michigan.

Speaking of the presidential debate, I must say I enjoyed it. Far more interesting than Spanish presidential debates, without a doubt, it had very nice presentations from both candidates. Although I don’t agree with some of Obama‘s views and positions, from what I saw in the debate I think he would make a good president. Judging from the same debate, however, I’d rather see McCain have the presidential job.


2 thoughts on “US Presidential Debate in Madrid

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  2. eleena

    Yes, I too was struck by the evenhanded tone of the two Republican representatives. If the Republican party in the U.S. had more guys like those two doing their public speaking for them, McCain would probably be doing better in the polls.


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