Third U.S. Presidential debate in Madrid

In Madrid today took place the public screening of the third U.S. presidential debate. It was originally scheduled for last Thursday, October 16, to be followed by a local debate between Madrid-based democrats and republicans. The screening was later moved to October 18 (today).

When I got there I noticed fewer people than at the first screening. Then Ms. Deborah Luhrman, of Democrats Abroad, made an announcement before the screening begun: there would be no republican representatives present for the after-screening local debate. She explained that this resulted from the change of date, which made it impossible for the republican Representatives (she didn’t name who) to participate in a debate today. She complained that the republicans could not find or appoint another person to come to the debate, after which she expressed satisfaction for the absence of republicans in the screening, and uttered: “to hell with them“.

That’s certainly very democratic of democrats, isn’t it?

Ms. Luhrman then announced details about the election night party of the democrats in Madrid on November 4th, which will apparently include a Sarah Palin look-alike contest. As usual, the left treats their political opponents as their entertainers, and as mere objects for mockery.

(This post was not to comment on the presidential debate itself, but about the local screening of it)


1 thought on “Third U.S. Presidential debate in Madrid

  1. eleena

    Yeah, Pedro, I was there last night too and boy was that comment from Deborah Luhrman tacky, tacky, tacky. It was unfortunate that she couldn’t just have stuck to the facts “(the Republican representatives are unable to join us tonight due to the change of date…”) and just have left it at that. Her airing the dirty laundry of what is going on behind the scenes may be appropriate to share with the leadership of Democrats Abroad but totally unnecessary in a public forum.

    P.S. Are you a U.S. citizen? If not, you must be a hardcore political junkie to have attended not one but TWO of these debates! 🙂


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