Back to GMT+1, waiting for GMT+0

Tonight (Oct 25 to Oct 26) is the end of DST (Daylight Savings Time), which has kept central Europe artificially in GMT+2, commonly known as CEST (Central European Summer Time), and we’ll go back to the usual timezone, called “CET”, or Central European Time, or GMT+1.

Along with central europe goes Spain, which however is geographically far from “central” europe, and thus we ought to be using a different timezone. GMT+1 is not right for Spain. At 7am there is sunlight coming through your window in Rome or in Zurich, while in Spain it’s pitch dark. At that time, it ought to be 6am in Spain, or GMT+0, the same time as in Portugal or the United Kingdom, our meridian neighbours.

I encourage all readers to advocate for Spain to change its official timezone to GMT+0 (also called UTC or UTC+0). This is what will truly save energy (the earlier in the day we can make use of natural sunlight, the less energy is required to light factories, streets, etc…), while also adapting work schedules to natural light conditions, surely helping people have a healthier life. More info on my blog’s Spain in GMT+0! page.


4 thoughts on “Back to GMT+1, waiting for GMT+0

  1. psr

    Hehehe.. well, there’s no need to go to extremes. My point is not to be picky, but simply to point out that Spain is using a timezone that does not correspond to its geographical location, and this has adverse effects on people’s lives and health.

    Portugal backed out of GMT+1 for a good reason, and they were right to do so.

    Spain is in GMT+1 merely to use the same time as France, Belgium, Germany, etc… which may help a very small percentage of the population who deals daily with central Europe. But if that were a good enough reason to be in GMT+1, the U.K. and Portugal should change to GMT+1 as well, but they do not.

  2. eleena

    This is something I’ve frequently wondered about….why Spain is in this time zone when it isn’t geographically central Europe. Who is it that determines these things? Is it a desire, on the part of Spain, to be in the same time zone as France, Germany and Italy?

  3. psr

    Spain using GMT+1 is merely a political decision of Spain, to use the same time as France and Germany. However, it does not bring any benefits to people’s lives or to the economy. It’s a stupid decision that should be reversed. Portugal did it… Spain should too!


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