Public demonstration to denounce public stealing

The state budget (public money of the Spanish people) is plagued with items destined for subsidies of all kinds. There are public subsidies to finance private economic activities which do not benefit society nor the country as a whole. There are public subsidies for deficitary businesses that cannot stand on their own. There are public subsidies for private film industry productions that insult part of the very society which is paying for those subsidies. There are subsidies financing inefficient energy sources. Public money is also thrown away on car races, paying musicians at town fairs, paying for so-called “art works”, paying for regional politician’s whims, and paying to support politics of repression on part of the population, among many other ways of wasting many people’s efforts to earn their living.

For all of it, a public demonstration will take place this Saturday (Nov 23rd) at Madrid’s Plaza de Colón, to denounce the plundering on the middle class, as reporter Enrique de Diego (organizer of this public demonstration) has called it.

I will be out of Madrid that day, but I encourage everyone to attend the public demonstration.


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