"Revolution" as an end in itself

This weekend (Jan 31, 2009) Madrid has seen at least two public demonstrations related to the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution: one on them in favor, the other against it. As usual, there’s people for everything.

All Cubans I’ve met, in the U.S. and Spain, are against Castro’s dictatorship, so I’ve never met an advocate of the “revolution” who could explain to me what’s good about it… but it seems its advocates speak of the revolution as an end in itself, not a means. They seem to imply that what is important is that a revolution took place, regardless of its outcomes.

However, a “revolution” is drastic change done for a purpose… but it’s not clear that the revolution 50 years ago in Cuba had any positive impact on its population. Those who defend the revolution only talk about it, not what it means for the people.

Good proof of it is the webpage “cubasolidaridad.org”, which advertised this weekend’s demonstration in favor of the revolution, is showing today a video about the demonstrations. In it, there’s nothing about the benefits of the revolution, but only messages with attacks against Esperanza Aguirre (president of the regional government of Madrid, and well known critic of the dictatorship in Cuba). Then… are they celebrating 50 years of their revolution? Clearly not. Most likely they know there’s not much to celebrate, but to hide the evidence there’s nothing better than attacking your opponents.


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