Take the law into one's own hands

After a bomb set off by criminal terrorists ETA (or their support groups, it’s all the same) last February 23 in Lazcano (Guipuzcoa) destroyed the home of Emilio Gutiérrez, a local neighbour, Emilio went on a rampage against the local ETA-supporting bar, destroying part of it.

Emilio did what just about every spaniard ever wanted to do in reaction to ETA. It is not right to take the law into one’s own hands, but what are we to do when the State no longer guarantees security, ensuring protection from criminals?

ETA and its supporters roam about many towns in the Basque Country (and elsewhere), and the State does nothing to arrest them, close down their financing institutions (bars included), or remove their propaganda from the streets. The terrorist/criminal/mafia laden environment is permanently threatening and intimidating people, destroying public and private property, and hunting down (or even killing) anyone who publicly disagrees with their short-sighted moronic view of the world.

The State should be there to prevent all that criminal activity. The State’s mission is first and foremost to guarantee the security and freedom of people. When the State has failed in its mission, people have no other option than to resort to taking the law into their own hands. In Spain, the State is failing and is missing, and in such situation, Emilio did the right thing. It is up to the Government to reverse the situation, and start giving us, the people, the security and freedom that we expect it to protect.


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