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13-week monsters

In the context of the abortion debate, agitated by the government of Rodríguez Zapatero with its new “Law of Reproductive and Sexual Health and of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancies”, the Minister of Equality (yes… we have such a idiotic Ministry in Spain), Bibiana Aído, has marked the age limit for the human fetus to be considered human or not.

That is, the socialist government has turned itself into official philosopher and dictates who is human and who is not. This government must really have magical properties, because despite all absurdity they utter, they manage to keep considerable popular support.

What’s that about a 13-week fetus not being human? Is a one week fetus something other than human? What else is it? Possibly up until 13 weeks of pregnancy the fetus is not human, but a giraffe or an extraterrestrial being. Despite any efforts by the minister, the socialist party, the president, or anyone else to the contrary, the fetus of a human being is human at any time of the pregnancy. I guess the minister wanted to emphasize that the fetus is not a person, and that killing it is not bad from a moral point of view.

However, Aído also said that the fetus is a living being. Therefore, she is saying that it is ok to kill a living being just because, only because other people decide it so. Even though this minister says that the murdered fetus is not human, it is. Thus, a correct interpretation of her words state that this minister of Rodríguez Zapatero‘s government says that it is fine to kill living human beings if they are 13 weeks or less into their development in the womb.

Furthermore, as Amando de Miguel very well pointed out once, “interruption” of the pregnancy (the title of the law) is a term used to mislead: The law talks about an early end to pregnancy, the elimination of life, and not an interruption, for an interrupted act can be resumed, but the abortion of life (of 13 weeks, as Aído admits, or any other age) cannot be resumed.

The colossal rigmarole the Minister got herself into by stating that human beings grow non-human beings in their wombs is quite clear proof that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she doesn’t know what she wants to say, she doesn’t know what she believes, she doesn’t believe what she says, or she doesn’t say what she believes. In any of those cases, Aído is proving once again her uselessness. Sadly, however, she is most useful for Rodríguez Zapatero and his plan to dumb everyone down.