Responsibility? Not in Spain

We are tired (here in Spain) of seeing multiple cases of politicians in office declining any responsibility for their wrong acts, or also cases of them assuming their responsibility while staying in office to continue their wrong (unlawful even) behaviour.

But today I read in the news that here in Spain a local politician of the Popular Party, Ignacio Uriarte, has been caught drunk driving, when he crashed into a Taxi in Madrid. Uriarte has resigned from his post as PP representative in a Road Safety commission of the Spanish senate. Unfortunately all he said is that he “made a mistake“. That’s no mistake, Mr. Uriarte. Having a few drinks too many before hoping into your car is not a mistake, it is a willful act of irresponsibility. There’s no mistake there. So he has resigned from a small role, but not from his seat in congress. Poor display of “assuming his responsibility”.

To make matters worse, the Secretary General of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal defends Uriarte, and says that resigning from his seat in congress would be an exaggeration, and this is not necessary.

Drunk driving, along with reckless driving and any other activity that endangers other people, must be heavily punished. The attitude of Uriarte, for keeping his congress seat, and the attitude of his Party (PP), for defending that he should not lose his congress seat, are both despicable. The PP, like any other party, should be far more strict in defending the majority of citizens who cause no harm to others, and stop protecting people like Uriarte, who have shown no respect for the law and for others, specially because he is, supposedly, a representative of the people (he was elected to congress).

Responsibility in Spain? It’s rare… very rare, and vanishing quickly.

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