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Gender equality: Only if it is convenient

The Spanish Government of Rodríguez Zapatero likes to show off gender equality, while it has introduced legislation to require companies to have their boards of directors include a certain percentage of women. What stupidity; now being a woman or a man is officially a legal criteria for discrimination.

Proper defense of gender equality would be to fight against discrimination based on sex. However, when Trinidad Jiménez (foreign affairs Minister in Rodríguez Zapatero’s government) had to take part in the relationships between Spain and Morocco, she was displaced in favor of another intermediary (a man), because Morocco does not accept to negotiate with women.

Where is the gender equality defense that Rodríguez Zapatero used to preach about so frequently? Why does not he stand up before Morocco and supports Trinidad Jiménez as Spain’s delegate to Morocco? The answer is simply that Rodríguez Zapatero’s government has used “equality” exclusively as a publicity stunt. The discourse about gender equality is just one more comfortable lie from this government.


Lies, from president Zapatero

The following is an excellent article by Juan Manuel de Prada (www.juanmanueldeprada.com), published in spanish newspaper ABC on February 2, 2009, after the spanish president, Rodriguez Zapatero appeared on a TV show where a live audience can ask him anything they like.

Don’t swallow that lie, Izaskun
Monday, Feb 2, 2009

Much has been said about the many lies that president Zapatero, as he often audaciously does, spewed during his appearance in the TV program “I’ve got a question for you”. But it’s a known fact that current times demand stone-faced small-time politicians, and president Zapatero, no doubt, shines above any of his competitors to satisfy such demand. Zapatero unashamedly said he hadn’t promised full employment for his current term in office, and also that he had not remained sitting before the United States flag during a military parade, despite graphic evidence to the contrary. But Zapatero acts correctly in constantly lying left and right, for he knows that nothing can better satisfy the Spain of ZP (translator’s note: “ZP” stands for “Zapatero President”, the socialist party’s slogan for the 2004 elections) than to be rocked to sleep with tales; the proof is at the end of the program, a survey conducted among the TV audience showed good results for the liar. Zapatero has understood better than anyone that politics is an idolatry; i.e., a sort of forging of religion; and if religious faith consists, as catechism teaches, in “believing that which we cannot see”, the idolatric faith consists in believing that what we see is false. Conscious about it, Zapatero can deny reality, confident that his idolatrous followers will not even blink; y he can be sure that his idolatrous followers will thank him, relieved, for lying to them. And, like Trojans did with Casandra, his relieved and thankful followers will shun anyone who dares unveil the harsh reality to them.

But the most cynic and sickening fib uttered by Zapatero in that TV program has not been condemned in public by the media. His most cynic and sickening fib was dedicated to Izaskun, that young woman with Down syndrome who, unwillingly, became the alibi of presidential slimy tenderness. Moments earlier, Zapatero had declared that abortion is “a woman’s right”, referring to “what the Constitutional Court has said”. The Constitutional Court in Spain has said exactly the opposite; but Zapatero knows very well that, whenever he needs to, he will effortlessly go back on his word, as we ride towards the conversion of the State into a criminal organization, where courts have no mission other than to legalize any outrageous crazy ideas of the supreme priest of the idolatry, as the Supreme Court just did with their sentence about conscientious objection.

So, after Zapatero defended abortion as “a woman’s right”, Izaskun naively asked why people with Down syndrome must face so many hurdles to find a job. Zapatero should have answered, strictly following his logic, that people with Down syndrome have no right to claim anything, not even “a right to exist”. It is estimated that between 85 and 95 per cent of children conceived with Down syndrome are sacrificed in the Spain of ZP (Zombies Pro-abortion) in their mother’s wombs; such percentage will only rise when abortion is considered “a woman’s right”, as the supreme priest of the idolatry says. When the TV program ended, the liar picked up Izaskun’s C.V. and cynically stated that her question had reminded him of the tasks for which “it is worth” being President of Government, a position that allows him to “take measures to change the lives of many people” who, otherwise, “would have no horizon”. Do not believe such sickening lies, Izaskun: Zapatero thinks you have no right to exist; the only vital horizon that he acknowledges for you is the limbo; and the measures he plans for changing the lives of people like you, with Down syndrome, consist basically in preventing them from being born. Do not let yourself be fooled by the idolatry, Izaskun, and tell him he can stuff the CV.

(translation into English by Pedro Soria-Rodriguez)