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Subsidies produce lazy individuals

Spanish daily newspaper ‘El País’ published an interview with surgeon Pedro Cavadas, using a sentence by him as the title: ‘Subsidies produce lazy individuals‘.

Gladly, El País is publishing something like this in big letters. Dr. Cavadas is just saying one of those paramount truths very few people date to admit. Subsidies produce lazy individuals, damaging those who receive them because subsidies are strong private initiate deterrents, while they represent severe burden on taxpayers, whose taxes pay for those subsidies. Moreover, subsidies also impose dependencies, inefficiency, and only drive people to both economic and spiritual poverty. Subsidies are simply free money in exchange for nothing, and as anything that’s free, they are not valued nor appreciated. The very
nature of subsidies makes them prey for abuse, and in the end they are nothing but wasted work and money.

Subsidies should be completely eliminated. Truly needed monetary aid (a very small fraction of existing subsidies in several countries) should be available in exchange for something, committing the aid recipient to a responsible use of the aid, as if it were their own.

Until that happens, subsidies will continue to produce lazy individuals and lazy companies, driving countries and their populations to poverty.